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Equipment Use Skills

If the sandblasting nozzle has been used for a long time, we need to rotate it to a certain angle to greatly improve its usage life.
Please buy spare parts provided by professional manufacturers rather than individuals.The spare parts quality cannot be guaranteed. They may harm your device and cause a greater loss. At the same time, you will also lose manufacturer equipment warranty.
Users can backup the parameters in the numerical control system, so as to recover when needed.
When failure occurs but the user cannot determine the failure cause, please observe the detailed fault phenomenon (including the values of oil pressure gauge and water pressure gauge, the reversing frequency, buttons to trigger faults, etc.) and tell the service personnel od DARDI. Under the guidance of the service personnel, analyze, confirm the failure cause and eliminate the problem.
There is a simple method to judge the high and low pressure check valve in which end has bad sealing property. We can touch the high and low pressure parts in both ends. The end with higher temperature has bad sealing effect.
In order to prevent leakage when connecting steel pipes, we must make the screw thread at the head of steel pipes more than three threads higher than screw pads.
When we can not judge the malfunction is caused by water or oil-way, we can dismantle the water section (high pressure cylinder is dismantle later.). Then open the oil pump and high pressure water switch, observe whether oil cylinder piston reversing is normal or not, and determine the problem is waterway failure or oil way failiure.
After normal starting up, press the high pressure water button all the time. The device will stop reversing and show the highest pressure. If the oil pressure gauge can rise to the pressure in actual use, we can ensure that the overflow valve is normal.
After normal starting up without reversing, we can disassemble the two plugs on the reversign valve, then prop the valve core in the rubber cover at the two ends of revesrsing valves. If the equipment can reverse again, we can ensure the reversing valve is normal.
When starting up the supercharger for the first time after maintenance, in order to protect the equipment, we should reduce the pressure and then rise it slowly to the working pressure.
During installation, we need to add lubricating oil to the place where there are seal rings in the supercharger.
We should add blue oil on all the joints of screw threads so as to avoid thread seizure.
When installing gem nozzle and sand nozzle, it is prohibited to tighten the screw forcedly in order to prevent damage to gems or pinch off sandblasting nozzles.
It is suggested to loose the thread in the joint of high pressure cylinder and low-pressure cylinder heads every two or three days. This can prevent that high pressure and low pressure cylinder heads are connected too tightly.
The punching point of M software is not more than 99.
When it appears “ID=20” error when opening the NEWCAM software, we can install the driver properly and then it will be return to normal, because this error is caused by no installation of encryption box driver.
Before normal starting up every day, please check in advance whether water, electricity and gas parts are all in place.
Please ensure the environmental temperature where the device is placed is above zero, so as not to freeze the equipment parts.
The best cutting distance between the cutting head and the work pieces is between 3 mm to 5 mm.
When customers find some quality problems of spare parts and want to claim for compensation, please provide the equipment factory number, the actual use time of parts and fault phenomenon.
When CNC system reminds limit or stops alarming, the device is unable to open the high pressure water switch.
When the pressure relay on the supercharger alarms or is damaged, the equipment can not open the oil pump.
Reduce the oil temperature in the supercharger as far as possible, which can greatly improves the life of sealing rings and reduces costs.
Reduce the pressure appropriately. This will not only improve the cutting efficiency, but also greatly improves the service life of wear parts.
When machining brittle materials (such as glass, ceramics, etc.), reducing the punching pressure can effectively control the material breakage.
Equip the USB interface on the numerical control system with a USB extension cable, so you will not worry about U disk poor contact or interface damage caused by repeated inserting.
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