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DARDI provides excellent after-sale service for customers. We persistently improve and perfect the quality of service with our utmost efforts for customers’ satisfaction and trust. The details are as follows:

1. We provide a one-year warranty for all products. During the warranty period, free on-site service is available, but breakdown or destruction caused by human factor or irresistible natural phenomenon is an exception.
2. Installation and adjustment of machines should be accomplished within 4 workdays after arriving at user’s site. (Large machines accord with quota or contract.)
3. After receiving the repair notice, and during the warranty period, after-sale service will be available no later than 8 hours within Nanjin, 12 hours within 150 km, 24 hours within 150 km to 300 km, 48 hours within 300 km to 600 km and 72 hours beyond 600 km. (Telephone consultation and purchasing extra accessories are exceptions). Beyond the warranty period, we will contact you proactively with regular call-service to foster a healthy corporate image and to maintain good customer-relationship.
4. Users can obtain explicit solutions of relevant technical problems through telephone service consultation. After-sale service receptionists should properly handle any inquiry with enlightened pleasure, specified words, gracious attitude and no dispute. Patience is obviously required for answering any question. The after-sale hotline is +86-25- 57324298-834/841 400-60-4298.
5. We are able to provide the above services when breakdown appears under users’ normal operation of equipment.
6. Within the warranty period, the following maintenance should be paid:
(1) Damage results from man-made factors or force majeure.
(2) Breakdown or damage results from misoperation.
(3) Breakdown or damage results from improper self-alteration, disassembly or assembly.
(4) Breakdown or damage results from using non-original accessory.
(5)  Maintenance and service because of your faulty operation should be paid.

DARDI is a professional manufacturer and supplier of waterjet cutting machines in China. We can manufacture both gantry CNC water jet cutting machine and cantilever CNC waterjet cutter. We are dedicated to the development of waterjet cutting technology for more than ten years. In addition to waterjet cutting machines, we can also manufacture UHP waterjet cleaning system, CNC grinding machine, and so on. Located in Nanjing, we enjoy convenient air, land and sea transportation. Besides, we have easy access to abundant manpower and thus can produce high quality products at reduced costs.

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