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UHP System (Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Pump)

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Models: C50H-1

Ultra high pressure system belongs to DIPS series ultra high pressure waterjet pump cutting system made adopting advanced American and German technologies. It has gained CE certification and over 20 patents. DARDI mainly supplies five types of UHP systems including DIPS6-2230, DIPS7-3740, DIPS9-3040, DIPS9-7540 and DIPS9-6040. This system can continuously operate for a whole day but its pressure is still very stable. Waterjet pump is also equipped with an automatic self-diagnosis system so as to provide complete protection. Our experts and CNC computerized machines enable us to manufacture customized ultra high pressure systems for your specific applications.

Features of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Pump
UHP system features low torque and hard seal end cap design that eliminates complicated bolt tensioning and tie rods, reduces specialty tools required and delivers longer life for seals and consumable parts.
Before water entering the ultra high pressure system, a three-tier filter eliminates particles with diameters of 5 μm, 1 μm and 0.45 μm.
Hydraulic system of this waterjet pump is equipped with an oil temperature detector. If the temperature is higher than 60 degrees, the whole system will shut down automatically.
Our ultra high pressure system is installed with an alarm system. When the water pressure is lower than threshold of low pressure, the water pressure is higher than threshold of ultra high pressure, oil filter is blocked, oil temperature is abnormal or the hydraulic pressure is exceeded, it will alarm.
DAIDI waterjet pump is also equipped with an explosive pipe. When water pressure is abnormally higher or out of control, the explosive pipe will safely explode.
Ultra high pressure system adopts a high pressure sealing ring that is made of imported reinforced nylon for dynamic sealing. It has a lifetime of 400 hours.
Low pressure oil pipe uses imported C-type conical connector, which is resistant to pressure up to 40 Mpa. The high pressure pipe adopts strengthened conical seal, ensuring reliable and secure properties.
DAIDI waterjet pump also uses ceramic piston shaft that is able to resist high pressure and abrasion.
Parameters of Ultra High Pressure System
Model DIPS6-2230 DIPS9-3040 DIPS9-6040 DIPS9-7540 DIPS7-3740
Drive System
Drive System Motor
Pressure System
Pressure System Intensifier
Intensifier Qty. 1 1 2 3 1
Specification Data of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Pump
Max. Pressure 300 MPa/40000 psi 380 MPa/55000 psi 400 MPa/60000 psi
Max. Flow Rate 3.1 L/min 3.7 L/min 7.4 L/min 11 L/min 3.7 L/min
Power 22 kW/30 HP 30 kW/40 HP 60 kW/80 HP 75 kW/100 HP 37 kW/50 HP
Pressurization Rate 24:1 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1
Oil Pressure 0-150 bar 0-200 bar
Oil Type Hydraulic oil 46# (Environment 15-40 Celsius degrees)
Power Supply 220/380/415V AC 3 Phase

DARDI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is the earliest and largest high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology application products in China. Our products mainly cover plane waterjet cutting machine, UHP system or ultra high pressure system, robot water cutting system, UHP waterjet cleaning system, auto abrasive delivery system, collision avoidance system, etc. Due to excellent price-performance ratio, our waterjet pumps have been exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. DAIDI has become a famous and trusted brand.

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