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Application of Waterjet Cutter

DARDI waterjet cutter is extensively used in automobile manufacturing, stone and ceramic processing, glass processing, metal processing, track traffic, mechanical equipment, marine, stainless steel, pressure vessel, metal plate, power equipment, concrete cutting, composites processing and other areas. The typical applications are as follows:

1. Waterjet Cutter Used for Metallic Cutting
It can cut stainless steel in making ornaments and decorations.
Waterjet cutting machine can be used for shells of mechanical equipment, like electrical control box.
It can be utilized to cut metal components, such as stainless steel plate, large scale steel structural part and saw bit, etc.
Waterjet cutter is able to cut high voltage electrical conducting bar, such as copper bar and aluminum bar.
Metals like titanium, tungsten and molybdenum can also be cut by our waterjet cutting machines.
It can also be used to signs.
2. Waterjet Cutter Used for Glass Cutting
It cuts glass for home facilities, such as gas stove table, range hood, sterilizer, TV, etc.
Waterjet cutting machine can be used for cutting glass for bathroom facilities, like shower room.
It can be utilized to cut glass for decoration and construction.
Our waterjet cutters can cut glass for lamps, glass for automobiles, glass for handicrafts, glass for goggles, and so on.
3. Waterjet Cutting Machine Used in Stone and Ceramic Processing
It is suitable to make mural or photo puzzle with high cutting accuracy and high cutting efficiency.
DARDI waterjet cutter is an ideal choice for creating corporate logos in decorative designs on walls or inlaid into floors, countertop parts, faucet and sinkholes as well as a smoother.
We can provide waterjet cutting machines widely applicable in the manufacturing of large ceramic murals, pottery screens, parquet floors, bathroom countertops, stone-made furniture, etc.
Our waterjet cutters are well suited for shop owners who can use the machine to do stone cutting, marble cutting, granite cutting and tile cutting.
During operation, our machines cause little noise and dust, resulting in better work environment and higher working efficiency.
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