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UHP Cleaning Technology

UHP waterjet cleaning technology is a newly developed technology in the world, which uses kinetic energy of high-speed waterjet to remove the dirt. It pressurizes water to 40000 psi (300 Mpa) through the large flow intensifiers driven by diesel engines and motors, and then ejects water through multiple circular orifices. The orifice is driven by the oil pressure or air pressure, forming multi beam, multi angle or different UHP revolved water-jet. This waterjet cleaning system can clean the surface, inner fouling, attachments and bulkheads. UHP waterjet cleaning system is usually controlled by the diesel engine, and only to be supplied with water, so it is flexible to be carried by automobile or assembled to UHP cleaning truck. UHP cleaning technology can clean all the deposit, making the surface smooth and clean. The cleaning speed is faster than manual cleaning. There is no need to add chemical drug, solvent or corrodent. This waterjet cleaning system adopts safety measures and is more environmental friendly. UHP waterjet cleaning system and UHP cutting system belong to applications of UHP cleaning tech.

UHP waterjet cleaning system is a type of physical cleaning means. It has the following advantages Compared to manual, mechanical, chemical, biological and other cleaning methods.
The flow and pressure of waterjet is convenient to adjust, so it won’t hurt the substrate.
UHP waterjet won’t cause the secondary pollution. It doesn’t need to clean again after processing.
You can clean the materials of complicated shape and structure in the narrow space or bad circumstance.
Different from chemical cleaning and biological cleaning, UHP waterjet cleaning system will not produce poisonous gas emission and environmental pollution.
It is fast and complete. The cleaning rate is up to 95% and the dirt removing rate is 95%.
The water-jet cleaning only occupies one third of chemical cleaning. UHP cleaning belongs to thin water-jet. UHP waterjet cleaning technology can save energy.
This waterjet cleaning system has no special requirement for the nature, texture and shape of materials. It has a wide range of applications.
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