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Metal Processing

Waterjet cutting machine can cut metals such as titanium, steel, brass and aluminum. It is the most versatile cutting machine compared to laser and plasma cutting machines. This metal cutting machine is the best solution for complex cutting and can be used to cut thick metals more precisely than plasma cutting. During the waterjet cutting process, there are no heat affected areas or burnt edges, so there is little or no secondary operation required for most applications, saving time and money. DARDI waterjet cutting machine for metal processing is cheaper than laser system, making it become an ideal choice for metal cutting and steel cutting in the fabrication industry.

  • Track TrafficWaterjet cutting for track traffic can be used to cut and process bogie of high-speed rail, subway and motor train unit, car body structural components and metal trims. The internal components of high-speed locomotive are generally manufactured from high strength and superior quality steel, requiring high dynamic load capacity...
  • Mechanical EquipmentUltra high pressure waterjet cutting is a kind of cold cutting method. There are different cutting and processing methods for metal materials (like carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, alloy material, etc.), including tool machining, laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, electrical impulse line cutting, ultra high pressure waterjet...
  • ShipbuildingFast and precise shipbuilding is the goal that shipbuilding industry pursues. Waterjet cutting machine can realize highly efficient and precise cutting in shipbuilding industry. The advantages of water jet cutter have been generally recognized by domestic shipyards...
  • Stainless SteelStainless steel products are widely used in industries as well as people’s lives. The common stainless steel products usually include stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, showcase shelves, medical equipment, etc. The production of stainless steel products requires a lot of cutting...
  • Pressure VesselPressure vessel is extensively used in petrochemical, marine engineering, thermal nuclear power, textile and other fields. Its body is usually composed of heat exchanger, cylinder, end socket, flange, sealing elements, openings and piping, support and other parts. Corrosion-resistant pressure vessel is mainly made from titanium alloy, stainless...
  • Metal PlateMetal plate refers to a kind of sheet metal with the thickness of less than 6 mm. Metal plate processing usually includes shearing, punching, welding, riveting, bending, forming, and so on. The most important procedures are shearing, punching and bending. Waterjet cutting table can finish the material feeding and cutting procedure...
  • PowerIn power equipment industry, a lot of cutting processes are needed in the production of conductive bar and insulating frame of large transformers and high voltage switchgear and sheet metal. This kind of cutting has the features of large machined parts, small batch, multiple shapes, varied hole locations, and so forth. It mainly cuts ...
Applications of Waterjet Metal Cutting Machine
Typical metal processing applications of UHP waterjet cutting machine include track traffic, mechanical equipment (paper making equipment, fabric making machine, construction equipment, etc.), marine, stainless steel, pressure vessel, metal plate and power equipment.
This metal cutting machine can also be applied in automobile manufacturing, stone and ceramic processing, glass processing, decoration and ornament, pressure container, advertisement sign, chassis, electrical cabinet, concrete cutting, composites processing, etc.
Features of DARDI Waterjet Cutting Machine for Metal
Waterjet metal cutting machine will not generate heat. It features no material deformation caused by heat, no hardening of the material along the cut edge, no changes to the metal structure, no heat affected zones (HAZ) and no hazardous fumes or vapors.
Excellent angle accuracy can be achieved by adjusting the pump pressure, the abrasive flow rate and the cutting speed accordingly. There are also software-based guiding systems to optimize angular accuracy, by adjusting the angle of the cutting head of waterjet cutting machines.
This water jet metal cutting machine becomes the ideal tool for curve cutting and drilling tasks. It does not need mould and provides great flexibility during its cutting processing.
The cutting speed is determined by intensifier pump pressure, efficiency of high pressure generation and cutting head configuration, material thickness and properties, desired cutting edge quality, orifice diameter, abrasive quantity and abrasive quality.
DARDI waterjet cutting machine for metal is designed to make the kerf as small as possible to save materials. It is also fast and easy to operate.
No pollutant is generated. Hence, our metal cutting machines are environmental friendly.

DARDI International Corporation is a China manufacturer of ultra high pressure waterjet for cutting and cleaning applications, and related spare parts. In addition to waterjet cutting machines, we also supply ultra high pressure waterjet pump, UHP waterjet cleaning system, and more. We sufficiently use all kinds of resources to reduce the production cost, so customers can buy our metal cutting machines at competitive prices. DARDI products have been exported to United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, and so on.

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