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Glass Processing

UHP waterjet glass cutting machine is ideal for cutting glass because it allows for contours and shapes that cannot be achieved with other cutting machines at a reasonable cost. DARDI water jet cutter has a wide variety of applications, from artistic tabletop inlays to detailed stained glass designs, mirrors, glass ornaments, replacement windows for antique cars, and so forth. Because waterjet glass cutting machine does not vibrate the glass, there are no heat-affected zones (HAZ), or rough edges. Almost no secondary finishing is required. Therefore, water jet cutter becomes a fast and convenient solution for glass processing.

Application Details
UHP waterjet glass cutting machine is suitable to deal with glass for home facilities (gas stove table, range hood, sterilizer, TV, etc.), glass for lamps, glass for bathroom facilities (like shower room), glass for decoration and construction, glass for automobiles, glass for handicrafts, glass for eye goggles, etc.
Advantages of Cutting Glass with Waterjet
For flat glass, water jet cutter can cut glass that common machining cannot perform. Whether cutting, molding or drilling, this waterjet glass cutting machine can fulfill all your demands.
Cutting glass with waterjet will not generate heat. Thus no arc traces are caused. It is safe and environmental friendly.
Our water jet cutters can precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling. The operation is easy and flexible. It can cut glass with the thickness of 100 mm. The kerf is very small, just 1 mm.
DARDI waterjet glass cutting machine can eliminate pressure of cutting process on surface material.
Cutting glass with waterjet is a cost effective means of cutting holes in glass.
This water jet cutter can create intricate design in any shape and size.

DARDI is founded in 1996. With more than 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing waterjet glass cutting machine, we now grow into an expert in this field. In addition, we also provide UHP waterjet cleaning system, DCM robot water cutting system as well as waterjet technology. Featuring great reliability, high cutting accuracy and competitive price, our water jet cutters have been widely applied in the metal and glass cutting, and ceramics processing industries. Our company provides a one-year warranty. Waterjet glass cutting machines are very popular in United States, Canada, Russia and other countries.

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