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Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

DARDI cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is a CE certified waterjet cutter. In order to achieve high cutting accuracy, stable working performance and excellent durability, we adopt more than 20 patented technologies to produce this cantilever water jet machine. Our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machines include DWJ13 type and DWJ 15/20 type. These products have a large space between motion structure and cutting table. Thus they are well suited for cutting irregular or heavy materials. DARDI cantilever water jet machine is now widely applied in construction, ceramics, glass cutting, metal processing, rubber industry, automobile, aviation, military industry, oil and chemical industry, etc. In addition to cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine, we also offer gantry CNC waterjet cutter.

  • CNC Waterjet Cutting Table (DWJ13 Flying Arm)DWJ13 CNC waterjet cutting table is a kind of flying arm or cantilever type waterjet cutting machine. It is manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO standard, so our worldwide customers feel secure to buy this product. DARDI is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC waterjet cutters in China...
  • CNC Waterjet Cutting Table (DWJ-15/20)DARDI is a professional manufacturer of CNC waterjet cutting machines in China. Our standard management enables us to make full use of various resources, thus the production cost of waterjet cutting tables is largely reduced. Since our establishment, we have continuously introduced advanced international...
Advantages of DARDI Cantilever Water Jet Machine
1. Convenient
Integrated cantilever design and compact cutter body make transportation and installation more convenient.
Cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with an automatic lubricating system convenient for maintenance.
2. Reliable
We use famous brand towlines to make our machines flexible and durable.
CNC waterjet cutting machine uses imported key components from famous international companies.
Our cantilever water jet machines also adopt ball screws and guide rails from well-known suppliers.
If cutting travel is up to three meters or more, motion system uses rolling nut transmission structure, which can provide reliable long distance cutting travel.
3. Safe
The guide rail of DARDI CNC waterjet cutting machine adopts labyrinthine style protection against water and sand. The use of an organic glass shade further protects the cantilever water jet machine.
High quality sensors provide the waterjet cutter with reliable software and hardware limitation, which contributes to the safety of operators.

DARDI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION takes a leading position in China CNC waterjet cutting machine field. With its rapid development in technology and increasing demand for cold cutting process in more and more industries, DARDI has become a world famous cantilever water jet machine brand based on its excellent price-performance ratio. Our design team and customer service specialists will help you find the best solution for you specific demands. For more information about our CNC waterjet cutting machines, please contact us via email or addresses we provide.

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