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UHP Waterjet Cleaning System (Intensifier)

Category: Intensifier
Model: DIPS-3020

The intensifier type UHP waterjet cleaning system is a kind of high pressure water jet cleaner. It can work continuously for 24 hours, but its water pressure is still stable. All the key components adopt American and German technologies. It is also equipped with an automatic self-diagnosis system to provide a complete protection. With consistent quality and reliability, DARDI waterjet cleaning system has obtained CE certification and more than 20 unique patents.

Hydraulic pressure system of this high pressure water jet cleaner is equipped with double oil filters and oil temperature sensors. When the temperature is over 50℃, it will shut-down the intensifier waterjet cleaning system.
Triple intake water filter can do elimination to particles with diameters of 5 μm, 1 μm and 0.45 μm.
This high pressure water jet cleaner is installed with multiple pressure gauges.
Intensifier waterjet cleaning system has circuit breaker for low pressure system, high pressure safety valve, over-pressure auto-protection, high pressure sensor, digital display and over-pressure protection for 400 Mpa system. All these can realize multiple auto-protections.
Low pressure uses cone-shaped seal that is durable and easy for maintenance. The high pressure water jet cleaner also uses ceramic plunger for ultra-high pressure featuring excellent sealing and durable properties.
High pressure sealing ring of this waterjet cleaning system is made of imported reinforced nylon for dynamic sealing. It has a lifetime of 400 hours.
High pressure water jet cleaner is widely used with various high pressure cleaning guns. It only removes rust and dose no harm to work pieces.
Specifications of UHP Waterjet Cleaning System (Intensifier)
Model DIPS10-3020 DIPS10-7525 DIPS10-9030
Drive System
Drive System Electric Motor
Pressure System
Pressure System Intensifier
Amount Of Pressure System 1 4 4
Specification Date
Max Output Pressure 200 Mpa 250 Mpa 300 Mpa
Max Flow Rate 6 L/min 16 L/min 16 L/min
Power 30 kW 75 kW 90 kW
Amount of Cleaning Gun 1 1 1

DARDI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high pressure water jet cleaners in China. In order to satisfy customers’ demands, we provide customers a wide of products, like sand feeding system, collision avoidance system, double cutting head, water softening system, oil cooling system, etc. We now produce 500 waterjet cutting machines, 100 UHP waterjet cleaning systems and 100 DCM robot water cutting systems every year. DARDI also provides good after-sale service and excellent technical support for our customers.

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