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Double Cutting Head

Category : Double Cutting Head
Models : DWJ20

Waterjet cutting machine with double cutting head is a high-tech product integrating mechanism, electronic control, air-powered liquid operation and computer control. This waterjet cutting head also uses high precision rolling element, excellent and effective AC servo motor driving system, exquisite processing technique and special software system to keep the dual head waterjet cutter running steadily. If you choose our large scale cutting machine or high power UHP waterjet pump, we suggest you use double cutting heads to ensure efficiency. DARDI mainly provides DWJ2040-FB gantry and DWJ2040-FB cantilever waterjet cutting heads.

Users can select single cutting head or double cutting head by switching the button on control panel.
Adopting this waterjet cutting head, the cutting device can achieve higher cutting efficiency.
It can greatly improve the machine productivity by adding an additional cutting head nozzle.
Dual bridges can cut smaller parts independently or work together to efficiently cut large parts.
Double cutting head is the best way to use water cutter to process tiles. It largely improves production efficiency and processing precision.
Automatic collision protection ensures smooth operation and easy integration of this waterjet cutting head.

As a China ISO9001:2000 certified company, DARDI has been engaged in developing waterjet cutting machines with double cutting heads for more than 15 years. In addition, we also supply auto abrasive delivery system, collision avoidance system, water softening system and oil cooling system optional for customers. Our standard management enables us to make full use of all kinds of resources, thus reduces the production cost of waterjet cutting heads. We will provide good after-sale service and excellent technical support to our customers. If you have any interest in our products, please contact us directly.

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