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Gantry CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

DARDI gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is designed based on more than 20 patented technologies. We mainly supply two types of gantry waterjet cutting tables including DWJ-15 and DWJ-30. This kind of water jet cutter is compact, easy to assemble and is suitable to cut materials in fixed size. Our CNC waterjet cutting machines also enjoy the advantages of high processing precision, stable performance and durability. Similar to cantilever waterjet cutter, gantry waterjet cutting table is extensively used in the construction, ceramics, glass cutting, metal processing, rubber industry, automobile, aviation, military, oil and chemical industry, etc. If customers want to process irregular sized or relatively heavy materials, DARDI gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is an ideal choice.

  • CNC Waterjet Cutting Table (DWJ15)CNC waterjet cutting table is one of our hot-selling products. It is very popular by foreign customers. For DWJ15 series CNC waterjet cutting machine, its X axes working travel is 1.5 m, Y axes working travel is 1.5 m/ 2.5 m/3.0 m and its Z axes working travel is 0.15 m/0.21 m/0.31 m. X axes table size is 1.6 m and Y axes table...
  • CNC Waterjet Cutting Table (DWJ30)DWJ30 CNC waterjet cutting table is a kind of bridge type waterjet cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting hard materials easily such as metal, stone, ceramics, glass, etc. Its X axes cutting travel is 3.0 m, Y axes cutting travel is 2.0 m/ 4.0 m/6.0 m/8.0 m and its Z axes cutting travel is 0.15 m/0.21 m/0.31 m. X axes table...
Details of DAIDI Gantry Waterjet Cutting Table
1. Durability and Reliability
The table board is made from stainless steel and can provide high reliability and long service life.
With integral worktable and steel structure, our CNC waterjet cutting machines are featured with stable performance, small size and convenient operation.
Gantry waterjet cutting table is installed with CNC system that is specially designed for water jet cutters. Besides, it is driven by AC servo motor guaranteeing the cutting accuracy.
We procure all the imported key components from world famous suppliers.
2. Attentions
Gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with integrated automatic lubrication system, which contributes to more convenient maintenance.
DARDI adopts well-known brand towline with great reliability to ensure flexible operation of the gantry waterjet cutting table.
Our CNC waterjet cutting machines use high-quality soft cables that are reliable and durable.
Superior quality sensors are used to provide reliable software and hardware limitation to guarantee the safety of operators.
3. New Integrated Design
Gantry waterjet cutting table adopts labyrinthine protection for X-axis guide, with soft shade outside. This design provides double professional protections.
DARDI gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine uses high quality ball screws and guides from well-known suppliers.
Y axis is driven by both single motor and synchronous belt, which ensures operation precision effectively.

DARDI is a specialized manufacturer of gantry waterjet cutting tables in China. We are capable to offer comprehensive water jet products available for customers. In addition to CNC waterjet cutting machine, we can also manufacture UHP waterjet cleaning system, CNC grinding machine, and so on. With its rapid development in technology and increasing demand for cold cutting process by more and more industries, DARDI has become a world famous brand of gantry waterjet cutting table based on its excellent price-performance ratio.

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